Genealogy is my passion

My family c. 1952

Genealogy is my passion. I have spent 20 yrs researching my family, and have found out a lot of interesting things about them, their lives. Genealogy is something that I’ve always taken seriously because if it wasn’t for our ancestors we would not be here today. I want to educate myself and my family to the best of my ability about our history and proud heritage. I want to present our ancestors as “real” people by placing some of the flesh back on their bones, I want my children to know that those two people whose names and dates appear on a piece of paper were real people. I’ve been trying to learn more about the history of different periods of time to better understand their personal histories. I want to know more about the things that hurt them and the things that gave them pleasure.

Our ancestors had the same feelings as we do about their jobs, their hopes for their children, their devotion to country or religion, sadness at the death of loved ones and joy for the successes of themselves and their families. Their deeds can sometimes tell us about them, and their finances and their court records can tell us of how well they got along with their neighbors and authorities.

So as I walk along this path, in my journey to find my ancestors, I learn things about their lives that I find very interesting. I have found some answers to my questions, but a lot of things are left unknown, for now, and some of them may never be known. These are things I want to share with my family and friends, if they are interested. So, come along with me, read the posts and look at the pictures.  Find out where we are from and what our family did when they were alive. I come from a very large family and I am hoping that maybe some day we can all be on great terms with one another…. pipe dreams. I like being the family genealogist and historian and would not give it up for anything (except if I die, but you know….)


28 thoughts on “Genealogy is my passion

  1. yvonne smith

    Thank you! Your page helped me solve a mystery. Susannah Barrett’s parents.

    However, there is one tiny error, if you want to correct it. Adaline Ferris (actually Rhoda Adaline Ferris) is not the child of Susannah and William Ferris (my ancestor). You will note that Adaline was born several years before Susannah & William married. Adaline is actually the daughter of William and his first wife, Mary Jane Lister, who had 9 children in all.

    Hope that is helpful to you, as your info was to me. Thanks again!

  2. Welcome to Geneabloggers.

    Regards, Jim
    Genealogy Blog at Hidden Genealogy Nuggets

  3. My husband’s maternal line is Barrett, from PA

    • barrettclan

      Do you have names of those in his Barrett line? Did they stay in PA? If not, then where did they go when they left?

      • Going backwards in time, I have in PA, Cambria Co.1935, Westmoreland Co. 1871, then in Allegany Co. MD by 1870 and likely to about 1846/47.

  4. Sean

    Hello, just stumbled across your website on Google. I am a Barrett, living in Great Britain. I wondered whether you had any information about the British branch of the name? Many thanks

    • barrettclan

      No, I don’t have any info on the Barretts in the UK. My research has only taken me back to Cyrus and Elias who were born in Pennsylvania in the late 1700s. Our DNA testing suggests that we are descendants of Thomas Barrett who immigrated to America in the early 1600s but I have no records.

  5. Lurena Lee Barrett Burkhart

    My fathers family was Barrett… John Joseph Barrett, they were from Cleveland Ohio, dont know any of my fathers clan… As I wasnt raised with my father….

    • barrettclan

      No, I do not have any info on the Barretts in Cleveland.

  6. Greg Black

    I may have more information for you about the Barrett family. My dad did our genealogy I can email you what we have so far

  7. Lurena Lee Barrett Burkhart

    Not sure were they came from, didn’t know my father or his family thats why Iam searching to find out about the, If you can find anything about them please let me know…Thanks Lurena Lee

  8. Janice Young

    Thanks so much for all yur dedication and hard work. I am a descendent of Rebecca Barrett who was the wife of Nathaniel Barnes. Nathaniel and Rebecca were parents of Farrington Barnes who was my grandfather, Carroll Allen’s, grandfather on his mother, Emma Sarah Barnes side. Emma was married to Grampa’s father Elliott Edmond Allen. It is truly amazing to see how these family trees connect. Thanks again.

  9. I am confused… I am a direct descendant of Thomas Barrett that came to the USA in 1635 married to Margaret who had 4 children! They lived in MA in an area which is now known in history Books as Robins Hill! Are we the same set of Barretts….? I haven’t gone into Thomas’ brother’s lines and where they lead? but This line led to Iowa… Where we live now! The Barrett name will soon be history though as my cousins bearing the last name Barrett haven’t married except for one and they can’t have kids…. :( very sad Leroy was my Grandfather and well known in the small town where I grew up for running the last standing General store in the State of Iowa! I am very proud to be a Barrett! He was a great role model for me and we were very close! My 2nd oldest son was given the Barrett name as a middle name to keep the family name alive somehow! ;)

    • barrettclan

      The Barrett name is strong. It definitely will not be a lost name. My father’s name was Leroy, so I found your message interesting. My dad was born in 1917, the same year that another Leroy Barrett died as a young child, who lived in the same area where my grandfather grew up. I have 5 male siblings, 4 of which had children. One of my brothers had 4 sons. My sons have the Barrett last name because I was single when I had them.

      As far as being in the same lineage I can’t tell you that because I don’t know. The only thing that leads me to Thomas (or a close relative of his) are the results of DNA tests that my brother and a male Barrett cousin did. Those records, when compared to those who have good records, show that the DNA is the same, except for one marker.

      What I have is that the Thomas I am talking about is that he was emigrated to America in the mid 1600s and settled in Massachusetts. He was born in Norwich, Essex, England. It is believed that he emigrated with two brothers, John and Humphrey. There are stories about this family that has members moving to NY and PA. My 3rd great grandfather, Cyrus Barrett, was born in 1797 in PA, as was his brother Elias, born in 1796. The only record have for that info is in the various census records. I do not know who their parents were. It is my brick wall. I suspect that their father was either Daniel or Samuel because of the common naming habits of that day. I also suspect that they are descended from Humphrey, brother of Thomas, because of the same reasons. Humphrey has a number of descendants with the names Cyrus, Daniel and Samuel, and those names are well used in the records I have found of my family.

      I have written a book about the Barrett Clan and the associated families who married into the family. This is of the descendants of Cyrus and Elias his brother. If I could find more info on their parents I would love to add that to my book before the next Barrett reunion next July. So, my question to you is this … have you found a Cyrus or Elias in your records? Or any Barretts who moved to PA and lived there in the late 1700s? Cyrus married Susannah Zettelmeyer in Berks County, PA. Elias married Betsy Herbst, and they lived in Union County, PA. I’d love to compare notes with you on any other Barrett info that you want.

      By the way I live in South Dakota.

      • According to my Grandfather’s records passed down in a bible and very brittle handwritten letters from Thomas Barrett, Moses Barrett and Daniel Barrett all direct Great Grandfathers of mine…I remember sitting around my grandparent’s kitchen table and being aloud to look at the letters and documents from the first Thomas! There is something so special about knowing where and who you came from! I am sorry though as I haven’t ran across Cyrus Barrett’s name yet! :( Guessing he has to be an uncle or cousin somewhere along the line to our direct line?…Anyway, Thomas Barrett was born in 1591 in Norwich England and migrated here in 1635 with his 4 kids and wife Margaret. They arrived in Braintree MA on the Increse.. They bought a home on what was known in history books as Robin’s Hill. Then his son Thomas Barrett married and had 6 kids… one of which was among many of the women accused of witchcraft and inprisioned during the Salem Witch Trials. Her name was Martha Barrett Sparks. Thomas jr also had a son named Moses, who was my 10th Great Grandfather! :) He also had a son named after him Moses… my 9th Great Grandfather who was captured by Indians for four yrs before he escaped. The line goes on down to my Grandfather Leroy Barrett born in October 9 1922 in Garden Grove Iowa. He married Wilma Hagler. Together they owned and operated a General Store like right out of the tv show little house on the prairie! :) The store was closed after 26 yrs in the 1980’s. I am an artist and have won state wide awards in Iowa for my paintings of my grandparents store! :) I miss them horribly! I guess that is why I’ve dove so deeply into working on the Barrett family history! :) If you would like to see any of my information on the Barrett line that I have.. let me know! Before my Grandfather became sick he was worried about our Barrett line dying out with my male cousins never having kids. He and I sat for long hours trying to find distant relatives for him to connect with! I feel bad that it has taken me 8 yrs after his death to find a possibility for him! He would be very excited right now!!! Everything I have is on Also, I have followed on my own digging records that lead clear back to 1400 to John Barrett, but was always told that we are direct decedents from William the Coroner… I have found some on line about that but nothing firm enough to confirm that? Again if you would like any more information I would love to talk to you further! my website is and I am also on facebook Kathy Stevens. My mom read your letter and loved that both of you had Leroy Barrett’s as fathers! :) She found your information very interesting. I wish you the best and hope to talk to you again sometime! :)

      • barrettclan

        It was nice to hear back from you so soon.

        I don’t have a paying ancestry membership as I felt I had gone as far as I could with it, but my info is still there, and I really can’t afford their membership.I know that new info is added occasionally but I also found that a LOT of it was false info or that there was not proof of what was written. For instance, another 3rd great grandfather of mine, Joseph Bates, has wrong info attached to his name and I have tried to get people to ‘see the light’ about the info they are sharing. My proof comes from DNA tests in the Bates line. I’ve also run across people who swear up and down that my Cyrus Barrett and his brother Elias are the sons of a Frederick Barrett from Germany. I have tried to correct them, as well, because the DNA tests show otherwise. Not only that, but when I looked at Frederick I found he did have a son named Elias born in the right year but he had no other sons within 5 years of Elias and none of them are named Cyrus (or Daniel or Samuel or Benjamin, all names that are prominent in my line).

        As far as other Cyrus Barretts there are plenty, but I can only account for 3 of them in my line. The others settled in South Carolina, Kansas, etc, mostly south. My 3rd great grandfather, Cyrus Barrett, along with his brother Elias, lived in PA, moved to NY (Seneca County) then moved west to Northwest Ohio. Cyrus then had a number of sons, one of which was Cyrus (my 2nd great grandfather), who also had a son named Cyrus (my great grandfather), who had a son William (my grandfather), who had a son Leroy, my father. I was born in NW Ohio and came out to South Dakota 34 years ago, where my son Joshua Barrett was born. Although Josh doesn’t have the male bloodline of Barretts he is indeed a Barrett, as is my son Andrew. One of my brothers has 4 sons, another has 2, and the other two brothers have one each. Almost all of them have sons to carry on the bloodline. My father had three brothers and they all have at least one son each.All of those cousins of mine also have sons. As for all of the siblings of my ancestors there are plenty of males who carried on the bloodline as well.

        Anyway, I’d love to compare notes. My info is on under alecsandrab.

  10. micah barrett

    Im 24yrs old ive always been extremely interested in my family background but have no idea where to go past my grandfather. Mickey and Bertha Barrett of seminole oklahoma. We have family in Wisconsin but we have been out of touch for many years. My dad passed away 2 yrs ago and I have no way to find out more.

    any help would be very appreciated.
    Thank you.

    • barrettclan

      Your best bet is to get online and join a Barrett group at ancestry or rootsweb. This blog is about a different line than yours.

  11. Karen Barrett

    I am a descendant of Christopher Barrett (Great-Grandfather), supposedly from Cork, born about 1857. Lived in Orange, New Jersey, married to Mary from England, possible maiden name Brock. They had four children, Thomas, Mary, Margaret and my Grand-father Christopher. I am actually in Cork at this moment trying to research with a genealogist. The problem is we are missing a few connections as I have don’t know which Parish, etc. If there is anyone that might have info that would help connect the dots, it would be greatly appreciated. If not, it is always nice to visit my ancestral home!!

    • barrettclan

      Your best bet is to join a Barrett genealogy group on ancestry or rootsweb. There are more on those groups who might be of the same genealogical line as yours.

      • Karen Barrett

        Thank you. I have been on Ancestry for years with little results and no contact from other Barrett’s. I will try Roots Web. Thanks again!

  12. Marcellus Graham

    Does anyone have Barretts who were Quakers in their line? My most recent Barrett ancestor was my 2nd g. grandmother Esther Barrett, b. 1801 in Frederick Co., VA. Esther married a David Wilson in 1826. Esther’s parents were Thomas Barrett, b. 1775 who married Margaret Warden in 1799. These are all documented in Quaker records and I am almost certain my genealogy is solid to there. Then Thomas is supposed the son of Arthur Barrett and Elizabeth Baldwin (PA & VA area and later to OH). Arthur supposedly fought in the Rev. War and has a DAR chapter named in his honor. I asked “How could he do this? He was a Quaker (pacifist). The answer: He was disowned because he married out of unity in 1773 to Elizabeth Baldwin, a “staunch” Methodist. Considering the history of Methodism in America, she must have met the missionaries when they got off the boat. One story goes that each Sunday morning they would ride their horses to worship, and when the road divided, he would go to the Quaker meeting and she would take the fork to the Methodist meeting. It is true, that even though he was disowned, he could still attend the Quaker worship, but not their business meetings. My question is which way did their 13 children go, and were they riding on horses as well, or were they in buggies? I’m sorry. I have problems with these stories that are being proliferated all over Ancestry.

    I know there was an Arthur Barrett who fought in the Rev. War. out of Chester, PA; that’s well documented. I just doubt that he was my Arthur Barrett.

    Are there any other descendents of this Barrett line out there who are doubting Thomases, like me? I need others to commiserate with.

    Marcellus Graham

    • barrettclan

      I believe that we did have Quakers in our family. We have some Barretts buried in Ohio in a Quaker cemetery. My 3rd great grandfather Cyrus Barrett and his brother Elias Barrett were both born in PA, moved to NY, then to NW Ohio, in Williams County, and Elias to Michigan just across the border from Ohio. I know that there were Quaker Bortons from NJ who married into the my family although not the Barretts. They married Bates and one of the Bates married a Barrett. They attended the same meeting as where the Barretts were buried. We did have some Barretts who were in the military so I am not sure of their affiliation. Some Quakers, although being pacifists, did serve in the military in non-combative capacities.

      Sande Barrett Bihlmaier

  13. My mother was Frances Louise Barrett, Riverside, CA. She was a descendant of Lewis Clark Barrett. B 5Sep1823 New York State. D 11Jan1882 Ridgeway Twsp ?? I have recently taken over several boxes of several generations of photos and genealogical research collected by my mother, her cousin, and my youngest brother (all deceased). Being new to genealogical research, I am not sure whether this line and my line are connected. I have a photo of a woman, ___? Ida Barrett, that was taken at H. P. Kirk’s Photographic Art Studio in Mason City, Iowa, and am trying to figure out who she is. I will be trying to trace the Barrett line back some more, so am looking for any information along this line, and will, of course, share information as I find it.
    Louise Winn Knaebel

    • barrettclan

      There were some Barretts from NY who went to Iowa. I have no information on them that connects us, but the possibility is there since I can only go back to when my 3rd great grandfather was born in 1797 in PA. They moved to NY (Seneca Falls) in the 1820s, then to NW Ohio.

      • There is a lot of information to assimilate, and I may find more information as I go. Will update my post accordingly. Thanks for your reply.

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